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There is an amazing revolution in the Life Insurance Industry. The reality is that if the living benefits feature was better known or better explained, more people would buy a life insurance policy, not just for the death benefit, but for the Living Benefits in case you live – with a NO COST rider!

The odds are staggering the high percentage of all Americans will experience a heart attack, stroke or cancer by age 65 and over 25 million Americans will survive a heart attack, stroke or cancer this year!

Living benefits are a revolutionary innovation that offers your family benefits you can use while you are living and it can be added onto an Index Universal Life policy at no additional cost! It’s a combined solution that can help protect your family’s plans for today and tomorrow.

Chronic Illness Protection + Terminal Illness Protection +
Critical Illness Protection + Death Benefit Protection

= One Solution!

The Situation of Many Families:

– Under protected and living with too much debt

– Not saving, or if they are, not clearly understanding why, or how much they need to hit their ultimate goal

– Often don’t have a strategy, or are not making enough money and are not sure what to do about it.

An Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy gives market protection and market potential all in one simple solution:

1. Life Insurance Protection
2. Growth Potential
3. Index Account Options
4. Protection against downside risk
5. Tax Advantages
6. Tax Free Access
7. Tax Deferred Earnings
8. Tax Free Loans & Withdrawals
9. Tax Free Death Benefit