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Businesses spend a great amount of time, effort and money in hiring and training a new employee.  It is no surprise that employee retention ranks high in the list of priorities for business owners.  The higher the retention rate, the greater the return on their investment!  

 Achieving a higher employee retention rate adds to a companies bottom line through the savings of time and money that they have invested in that employee that does not continually get incurred when turnover rates are high.

Barbara Hemphill is passionate about reducing digital, emotional and paper clutter; thereby, transforming cluttered office environments into high performing work spaces.  We are very grateful to have Barbara Hemphill available as a resource for Business Alliance members!

Is there an Information Toxic Dump in Your Business?

Clutter is a postponed decision that over time, causes an employees productivity to decrease.  Research shows that 80% of what we keep, we never use.  I have worked with several organizations who found themselves facing a letter from the IRS or other State and Federal agencies requesting an audit.  When I arrive at their office to perform a test to analyze how prepared they are for an audit, I see stacks of paperwork all over their desk, on the top of bookshelves and file cabinets that are not organized.  I pick a few items from the transactions for the year that is under question and see how long it takes them to provide the documents.  If you can’t retrieve documentation quickly during an audit, a simple audit of 1 – 2 people for 1 – 2 days could turn into 4 – 5 people lasting 2 or more weeks.  This escalates the stress levels of the business owner, management and employees.  When the stress levels within an organization remain high over an extended period of time, the environment becomes toxic and employee turnover increases.

Can this be avoided?  Absolutely!  Through education in planning and organizing, physical, digital and emotional clutter can be prevented.  Documents can be quickly found, leading to an increase in employee productivity.  When employees are accomplishing their work and enjoying their work environment, employee retention increases.  In the case of an audit, the quicker documents can be found, the less time the audit will take, making this task more efficient and productive for the organization as a whole.

7 Information Management Questions to Maximize Profit, Productivity and Peace of Mind

Barbara teaches business owners how to maximize their profit, productivity and peace of mind through the following 7 Information Management Questions (from www.barbarahemphill.com).

1.  What information do you need to keep?  We can easily get overwhelmed by all the information that comes at us through email, the Post Office, and our co-workers.  What happens when you go to a meeting?  You take notes and bring them back to the office to . . . well, what do we do with those notes?  What are our intentions?  From my own experiences, those notes tend to go into the big stack of items that I want to do . . . something with . . . at some point in time!

2.  In what form?  There is a trend now to have a paperless office.  Is this your goal?  If so, what steps are you taking to determine what goes online and what needs to be saved in paper format?  If you put documents online, are they safe?  Do you have a method to back them up?

3.  For how long?  Have you determined how long you have to retain files?  Retention rates can vary based on what the document is.

4.  Who is responsible for filing it?  One of the biggest concerns I have heard from Managers and Business Owners is that if they release the documents to someone else to file, will they be able to find them?  On the flip side, employees state that they want to help, but management will not delegate.

5.  Who needs access to it?  Is there someone else other than you, who will need the information in that document?

6.  How can you find it?  Do you have a system set up to easily retrieve documents?  How do you retrieve electronic documents?  What about paper documents?  Is your system set up so that anyone could come in and easily find things in the event you become sick or take a vacation?

7.  How is it backed up?  It’s great to use online services such as Dropbox or Google drive, and flash drives have made it a lot easier for us to download data.  What happens when you go to retrieve a file in Dropbox and it’s not there?  Have you ever searched your Google drive for something that you know is there and you can’t find it?  

Employee retention is higher when effective processes are in place and followed consistently.  This is an important piece of your businesses foundation.  As you work with Barbara Hemphill to define and put these systems in place, you will find the environment you create as a result is efficient and productive.  This is an environment that employees excel in and as a result, employee retention rates increase!  

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