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I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Forensic Accountant who also has a Ph.D. in Psychology and is in the process of getting a Court based Family Financial Mediator Certification.  I work with attorneys and their clients to identify and evaluate marital assets, particularly closely held businesses.  Business Evaluation in small businesses carries unique issues associated with hidden income and excess expenditures, particularly in the years just preceding separation and just before divorce.  I am an expert in normalizing financial reports and income reported on tax returns for non-cash expenses and pass through expenses that reduce either or both personal and business income, therefore reducing the business valuation.  This calculation can be the most important component of an Equitable Distribution case.  I also construct settlement scenarios taking into consideration taxation and cash valuation.   My work is integral to the overall valuation of the marital estate and with that assessment assist the attorney in calculating realistic and favorable alimony, PSS , ED and Child Support.   I can work in either a litigation or collaborative environment.  I assist attorneys in gathering and utilizing all financial data.  Because of my Psychology background, I can also work with the client to reduce stress and improve decision making during the divorce process.  As a Developmental Psychologist I can also provide important information in the area of child custody.

As a practicing accountant for over 30 years, I have had extensive experience in dealing with small businesses with a wide variety of products/or services.  I know where to look and have had extensive audit and tax experience.  I also have had extensive business plan development experience and business strategy experience so my services are also used by attorneys involved in purchase and sale of businesses.

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