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523 Colony Woods Drive Chapel Hill NC 27517
523 Colony Woods Drive Chapel Hill North Carolina 27517 US

America’s most spirited speaker, author, and coach Dr. Barnsley Brown helps you have more time, energy, and money right now!

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Dr. Barnsley Brown is a self-proclaimed ?steel magnolia? in a long line of strong Southern women. She brings the storytelling skills of her heritage and the business smarts of her entrepreneurial family to her work with individuals and groups.

Dr. Barnsley graduated magna cum laude from Wake Forest University and studied in France and England before earning her MSc from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and her PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to launching Spirited Solutions?, Dr. Barnsley taught at Wake Forest University, Duke University, and UNC-Chapel Hill.

As a professional speaker, trainer, coach, and President of Spirited Solutions?, Dr. Barnsley gives you wings to soar, personally and professionally. She?s a member of numerous organizations including the National Speakers Association and the American Society of Training and Development. Her poems, articles, and work have been featured in newspapers, journals, and other publications.

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