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What is the best way to GROW your business . . . to REALLY GROW your business?  By investing in YOURSELF! YOU are your brand!  

We have selected several financial, personal and leadership development books & CD’s that will start you on  your path to continuing professional development – growing YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

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 business alliance eventsThe Business Alliance of North Carolina provides the resources, structure and support for YOU to grow a sustainable business.  

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The Productive Environment Institute helps individuals and organizations eliminate the physical, digital, emotional and spiritual clutter so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives!



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BANC Articles

1503, 2017

Are You “Listening?”

By | March 15th, 2017|Categories: Melanie's Blog|0 Comments

Building a business through listening

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to grow a business is through listening.  Are you taking the time to listen to what your customers want and need?

In Les Giblin’s book “How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People,” he gives the example of an […]

1403, 2017

Retain Your Customers Through Appreciation

By | March 14th, 2017|Categories: Melanie's Blog|0 Comments


Customer Retention


“Once customers start to think of you as a partner, they begin to exclude your competitors from the equation” – Shep Hyken


What type of system do you have in place to attract potential customers?  Once they become a customer, do you have a system in place to show your […]

1103, 2017

Courage is Overcoming Fear

By | March 11th, 2017|Categories: Melanie's Blog, Uncategorized|0 Comments


Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the conquest of it” – Frank Bettger in How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling.

“Nobody will remember the times you struck out in the early innings if you hit a home run with the bases full in the ninth.  Failures […]

Member Articles

  • Still Waiting for Your Pot of Gold? March 17, 2017
    They say good things come to those who wait. However, if you’re trying to get your business or career off the ground, waiting can be extremely frustrating! When you see others getting those big gigs and opportunities, you may wonder: Is it luck, leprechauns, or something else? Well, as I mentioned in my recent podcast, […]
    Dori Staehle
  • Tick, Tock … It’s the Testing Clock March 20, 2017
    Testing season is right around the corner. Many schools in the state have less than 55 days left before End Of Grade (EOG) standardized testing begins. When I shared the number of days left with a school staff I am currently working with, many teachers were surprised by how few days are left before the […]
  • The Missing Ingredient in Your School March 15, 2017
    After many years of being a principal and working with principals, I’ve discovered that schools where the adults model and teach children the core values of compassionate communication are schools that are kind and peaceful, with engaged children and adults who are excited about learning. Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist and author of […]
  • Are you taking time to listen? March 7, 2017
    I was hired as the principal of a rural charter middle school in January of 2009. I had spent the previous year working at UNCW and going through my doctoral program in education leadership. Despite my seven years as an Exceptional Children’s teacher and year as a project leader at UNCW, I was not prepared […]
  • How Can You Lead from the Middle? February 28, 2017
    Before there were memes, a postcard-sized quote with a background, given to me by a teacher, sat on my desk and read, “The expert in anything was once a beginner.” To me, this message served as a daily reminder of both persistence and humility.  It reminded me that I should not ever get discouraged so […]
  • Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Stand Out March 23, 2017
    There are many qualities that make small businesses highly desirable to consumers. The personalized customer service, hard-to-find products, or unique stories help small businesses succeed amongst a sea of competition. Here are some social media marketing tips to help your small business become more noticeable online: Be bold (but don’t be fool hardy): Social media and boldness […]
    Steve Hamm
  • Get Short and Long-Term Results With an Automated Marketing CRM March 16, 2017
    Do online sales of your products and services need a sales boost? You just might need to improve your digital marketing. Too often, our clients try to improve business through their own online marketing efforts, and find that they don’t get the lead generation results that they’d wanted. Instead of continuing with a strategy that […]
    Steve Hamm
  • Choosing Online Marketing Services March 9, 2017
    Digital marketing is a broad category of services used to describe any campaign in a variety of mediums that are published or broadcasted through digital platforms such as the internet, television, social media and more. There are so many digital marketing professionals offering services online that it can be tough for a business to find […]
    Steve Hamm
  • Marketing Services That Work March 2, 2017
    As a business owner you are always ON. Thinking about how to make improvements to your business and brand becomes a way of life. GROWING your business is always priority and you can become frustrated when the marketing tactics you’ve already tried don’t work. Never fear…. The key to your success and peace of mind […]
    Steve Hamm