Customer Retention


“Once customers start to think of you as a partner, they begin to exclude your competitors from the equation” – Shep Hyken


What type of system do you have in place to attract potential customers?  Once they become a customer, do you have a system in place to show your appreciation?

In Les Giblin’s book “How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People,” he outlines a formula that is important for any business to implement to not only attract potential customers, but to retain them:

  1.  Acceptance.  Accept people as they are.  Allow them to be themselves.  Don’t insist on anyone being perfect before you can like him.  Above all, don’t bargain for acceptance.
  2. Approval.  Look for something to approve in the other person.  It may be something small or insignificant.  But let the other person know you approve of that, and the number of things you can sincerely approve will begin to grow.
  3. Appreciation.  To appreciate means to raise in value.  Let other people know that you value them.  Treat other people as if they were valuable to you.  Don’t keep them waiting.  Thank them.  Give them “special,” individual treatment.

Follow this formula and not only will you drastically increase those who are interested in you and thus, your products and/or services, you will have a much higher retention rate with your current customers, thereby increasing your word-of-mouth advertising!

I’ve come across an amazing tool for customer appreciation and know of several others who are using this tool and seeing amazing results in the growth of their business as a result!  This tool is SendOutCards.  What better way to stay top of mind with your prospective client and current clients than sending them a card showing your appreciation of them!

These cards are less expensive than what you would get in the store, VERY high quality and so easy to use!  This is coming from someone whose mother swore the mailman scared her when she was little.  For some reason, getting a card to the mailbox seemed like a never ending fight for me.  The cards would sit in my car, or on my desk for quite some time!  I was so happy when bills could be paid online!!!

I encourage you to try out this amazing tool and see what a HUGE difference this can make in your business!  Try it for FREE!  Send a card to someone you want to appreciate today and reap the rewards they will receive from being appreciated!  Visit to send out your first card for FREE!