Merchant Pro ExpressI have utilized several different processors and programs throughout the years and have worked with members on understanding their credit card processing fees and equipment.  Want to get a business owner talking for hours?  Bring up the subject of credit card processing fees!  The components are basically the same, no matter who you utilize.  The main difference is the relationship you have with the person who represents your processor.  Did they just sell you a piece of equipment or a service and are never to be heard from again?  Are they available when you have questions or need to learn how to use your POS System or Software?  The key component is not the fees that you pay; but rather – what are you getting for the fees that you pay.  Let’s face it . . . every credit card processor representative I know will say that they can save me money on my credit card processing fees, will look over a statement or two and will let me know how they can save me money.  It works . . . at first; however, after awhile, the fees begin to creep up again.  This is where a relationship is key!

Maria Copp with Merchant Pro Express

I am very grateful that Maria Copp from Merchant Pro Express is part of the Business Alliance Community!  I have known Maria for several years and everyone I have referred her to has been grateful!  She knows processing like the back of her hand!  I’ve introduced her to members and have attended meetings with her while she evaluates what they have and compares it to what they need to effectively and efficiently process their transactions.  Maria really cares about the businesses she serves!  I have brought her into situations where another processor is used and she will let them know whether she can assist them or not.  Even though they may want to move over their processing to her, it may be more cost efficient for them to stay with their current processor until the end of the contract.  She evaluates the situation and gives them recommendations to improve their current processing needs – whether they are able to utilize her services or not.

Integrating POS Systems with other Equipment

I brought Maria into a recent members store who was currently with another processor – who sold them a POS system that they were not fully utilizing.  They have a need to weigh items and mark them for sale based on the weight.  Unfortunately, the scale and the POS system did not talk to each other.  The result, over the 3 years they had the POS system and the scale, was an inventory system that was not very accurate.  The items that were being weighed made up a large portion of their inventory; however, the only way to put the items into the system was to weigh and price the items and then enter each item into the system, creating twice as much work.  The business owner was losing important information with regards to overall inventory cost, which items were selling the most and when the inventory needed to be re-ordered.  Their current processor had told them the only way to get the scale and the POS system to work was to buy another scale in the tune of $1,000 – $2,000.  Maria took the time to write down the information on the scale and researched how to make it work with the current POS system, thus saving the business owners money by allowing them to utilize equipment they owned outright.  

The new Clover Station

Maria’s experience in the credit card processing industry expands into the new Clover Station.  These are the stations that you see popping up in retail stores where transactions take place on a screen that resembles an iPad and where after swiping your card, the terminal is turned around to face you to sign and send you a receipt.  I have worked with several members who have these and they are amazing!  They take up a very small footprint in the store, and work with different apps to provide any type of report your business needs to monitor it’s sales!   As a person who LOVES numbers and reports – I am very impressed with the reporting features of the Clover Station!  What’s even better is that it is cloud based, allowing business owners to monitor employee activity, run reports and monitor inventory items – from anywhere! 

Merchant Pro Express

Merchant Pro Express describes their business as one that is “Powered by First Data to provide state-of-the-art, processing services, advanced point of sale equipment, and merchant cash advances to business communities of all different sizes and needs.  As a one-stop-shop merchant services and cash advance provider, we can help you accept all major credit cards and process payment transactions directly into your bank account, as well as receive working capital that can be used to grow your business.  Our mission is to be an innovative, sales organization committed to the success and growth of our clients, partners, employees and sales agents by leveraging technology, analytics and a consultative approach.”

Maria represents the mission of Merchant Pro Express very well!  She is engaged with her clients and is an active participant in their success and growth!  She is not someone who will just sign you up and move onto the next person.  She is there to learn about your business and how processing integrates into your current business system in the most efficient way, she checks in periodically to make sure that all is going well with your processing, is available for questions on processing and how to use your equipment and software – and is an amazing connector!  She utilizes her amazing and growing community of referral partners to assist other businesses in the community as needed.  No matter what merchant provider you use, you will pay a fee for their service – whether it’s embedded in the overall fee, or broken out separately on your statement.  This fee pays for your representatives time to assist you with your processing needs.  With Maria, you get so much more!  You get a relationship with someone that has your businesses best interest at heart and who wants to see you grow and thrive!

Reducing Credit Card Fees

So – how do you reduce your credit card processing fees?  You build a solid relationship with a Merchant Processing representative and work with them to keep an eye on your processing fees and changes to your businesses processing needs as it grows.  Many business owners have no clue how to read their merchant bill or even understand all the components of credit card processing – and they shouldn’t as this is not their passion or why they went into business.  What they need is a good relationship with someone who does have this passion, who understands the statements and the individual processing fees outlined on that statements.  They need someone who understands their business and their processing needs and who can set them up with a processing system that best fits their businesses needs.  They need someone who can go over their statements with them and explain what to keep an eye on.  They also need someone who can be an advocate for them in the event there is a dispute, and who can walk them through the process.  Maria has all of these components and is passionate not only about merchant processing, but her clients as well!

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Maria Copp

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