SBA Services, Accounting, BookkeepingAs business owners, we tend to want to do everything ourselves rather than hire and pay someone else to do it.  Bookkeeping is no exception.  This is a topic that comes up routinely during meetings and networking events.  Ask a small business owner about their financials and their whole posture changes.  They are quick to admit that they do not like dealing with numbers and would rather work “in” their business than “on” their business.  That’s why you went into business in the first place – right?  You provide a good or a service that you are passionate about and that solves the needs of an individual or another business.  Your passion is NOT to sit behind a desk all day and enter in receipts and evaluate numbers – right?

The Dilemma

Entering in receipts and evaluating numbers does become important between January and April of each year; however.  This is when business owners scramble to take a week or so off to input all their data from the previous year or quickly find someone to do this for them.  The tax deadline does not wait; however!  Sandra Lanier-Thomas with SBA Services realizes the dilemma that business owners are in.  She also realizes the importance of entering the data correctly for not only tax purposes, but planning.

QuickBooks Training

We are grateful to have Sandra as a part of the Business Alliance community!  She is a GREAT resource for business owners who want to learn how to do their own bookkeeping!  During the first meeting, she will identify your specific training goals.  Sandra will then customize materials guaranteed to deliver high value for your business!  

Sandra understands that mistakes are commonly made when business owners are setting up their QuickBooks for the first time.  These mistakes can result in inaccurate data and costly troubleshooting.  She offers a 4-hour introduction to QuickBooks course to ensure the accuracy of your setup to prevent additional headaches and costs in the future.

The Introduction to QuickBooks course allows you to move around in QuickBooks, work with your chart of accounts and set-up users.  You will master the Easy Step Overview, manage notes, to do lists and custom fields.  Sandra will teach you how to process accounts receivables and payables, establish vendor and checking preferences, enter bills, pay bills and more.  She will identify your training needs and customize the sessions based on your goals.

Advanced QuickBooks Training is also offered, allowing business owners to manage payroll items and streamline the payroll process within QuickBooks, saving the business owner time and money.  You will learn how to create and memorize custom reports, batch reports filter data, and much more!  

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Don’t want to do your own bookkeeping?  Sandra offers bookkeeping services for those who want to hand over their information to a trusted professional to keep their books updated throughout the year.  You may want to do part or all of the bookkeeping yourself and just have Sandra review your work on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.  You may want to turn over the bookkeeping to Sandra and just review the reports.  Whatever your needs are, Sandra is here to assist you.

In addition to bookkeeping, Sandra offers In-House payroll services, overseeing your payroll to make sure transactions are accurate and all payroll liabilities are paid on-time as well as submitting quarterly and annual reports.  She offers online payroll options, enabling your staff to process payroll from anywhere.  After-the-fact payroll services are available as well, making sure that Year to Date payroll information is properly recorded in your accounting software.

Why choose SBA Services?

Whether you want to do your own bookkeeping, or turn your receipts, invoices and deposits over to a trusted professional, Sandra Lanier-Thomas with SBA services is a GREAT partner for your business!  She is very knowledgeable, reliable and will work with you to provide the training or services your business needs at the level of comfort you have.

Sandra Lanier-Thomas

SBA Services