Windows of Opportunities Community Development Center

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Watson's Flea Market, Bay C-115 Raleigh NC 27610
Watson's Flea Market, Bay C-115 Raleigh North Carolina 27610 US

Windows of Opportunities Community Development Center sells and gives away donated items: good used clean clothes and household items, tools, collectibles, used furniture, bed frames, toys, shoes, belts, lamps, baskets, books, pocketbooks and much much more. These items are available to families and individuals in need. The items that are sold generates money to allow us to do this and helps to buy food and pay some bills for those same families and individuals.

We hold workshops out in the communities which are free on Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Gang Awareness. how to manage your Finances, learn basic Spanish and English. beginner’s Computer and Grant Information etc. When we can not get volunteers we pay people who are qualified to teach these workshops.

We are planning to expand our services, have our own building so we can stay open longer and be available more days during the week. As of now, we are only open 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday’s. We are working towards providing good paying jobs to people who are unable to gain employment at other stores or places within the Southeast Raleigh Community and are working towards offering day care for the disabled up to 21 years or older and a food pantry.

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