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Essential oil wellness is growing in demand as an alternative holistic option.  Angie and her team are wellness educators with more than 6 yrs experience in using essential oils to maintain daily health.  There are many brands in the market, however, if one is looking for an alternative to other therapeutics used by the medical practitioners, choosing a brand that ensures 100% naturally pure products is crucial.

How is doTERRA different and better than most brands in the market:

  • doTERRA’s products are certified pure, natural and therapeutic grade (CPTG) by a third party as well as by our scientists ensuring no artificial chemicals or constituents in any essential oils or products. Therefore, any essential oils derived from plants normally for human consumption are ingestible. Most brands in the market indicate on the labeling that the products are ‘for external use only’, even for such products as lemon, orange or basil essential oils..
  • The Source to You website allows one to track the quality from the originating source to the end product, thereby providing full transparency.
  • Since essential oils are the ‘immune system’ of the plant, who’s job is to keep the plant well and thriving, we benefit in the same way when we use them. Many plants have scientific documentation showing such properties as antibacterial, antiviral and and anti-inflammatory to name a few.
  • Co-Impact sourcing from where plants are indigenous ensures top quality while the program improves the quality of life of growers/cultivators. doTERRA essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than the plant/herb itself, so only 1-2 drops can provide a positive therapeutic change.

doTERRA is a wholesale membership company, like Sam’s or Costco.  Most individuals open wholesale membership accounts under which products are 25%off retail prices.   Essential oils are the best nature offers and when incorporated as a lifestyle year-round, they support and strengthen the body’s systems so it operates at optimal levels.  Our team is dedicated to providing education and support to interested learners via workshops and webinars and will come to train responsible personnel to ensure desired goals are obtained.  We teach classes in the WakeCo Lifelong Learning program, at Garner Rex Wellness, at Senior Living facilities & other Triangle locations. We facilitate Home-classes with focuses as desired and support employee wellness days/healthfairs for businesses! Make & Take Classes have a small fee. We teach about the documentation on the scientific benefits from centuries of uses by many cultures, provide recipes and experiences resulting in testimonies on positive health changes.

Visit Shop 16 at the Raleigh Fairgrounds Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday or make an appointment to come in for a Zyto scan, which provides biofeedback via scanning pulses in the hand to identify nutrients needed to bring the body into balance. We have many products for sampling and purchasing at Shop 16- located inside the restaurant-row building across from Dorton arena & by the Frame shop!

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