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The WeCare Partnerships Network is a community-based initiative that encourages partnerships between non-profit entities and the small business community. By utilizing a concept we call ”Shared Fund Raising”, our websites, expos and educational seminars encourage collaboration that creates increased income for business owners, and increased funds for the cause.

Are any of these challenges happening in your organization?

* Large swings in donations?
* Grant money drying up?
* Are your grants requiring you to pay back some amount?

WeCare Partnerships Network Can Help You Build a Bridge to Self-Sustainability!

Since 2008, WeCare Partnerships Network has been helping non-profits to build new streams of income. Imagine being able to:

* Tap into new sources of funds – right through your local small business community, and through our Advertising Alliance Partners!
* Increase your volunteer pool
* Have more consumers coming to your web site to support your cause

Churches, youth organizations and professional organizations have all benefited from partnering with the business community with the help of the WeCare Partnerships Team. We’ve contributed to over $25,000 in additional funds for our non-profit partners!

”Project Uplift” is a program under the WeCare Partnership Network, created to add a hands-on component to teaching basic entrepreneurial skills to formerly incarcerated individuals and individuals who are currently living in shelters.

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