Tri-Town Properties, LLC

8480 Honeycutt Road, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC, United States
8480 Honeycutt Road Raleigh North Carolina 27615 US

Tri-Town Properties, LLC was founded on the belief that EVERYONE deserves the right to live in a safe, comfortable, and affordable home that FEELS like home, and the opportunity to earn the right to OWN it if they so choose.  We are committed to helping buyers, sellers, tenant-buyers, and the local community as a whole by providing these opportunities to anyone who wants them.  We OWN the homes we offer for sale, and don’t work “inside The Box”, so we can often bring creative solutions to the table to CUSTOM BUILD a winning deal for everyone.

For Sellers:
We know that every home is unique, but so is every home-owner!! From all-cash offers with quick closings all the way to offering you full market value, we are dedicated to literally HELPING you by buying your home in such way that provides the most value for your specific situation.

For Buyers:
Do you want to buy a home without being SOLD a home?  Do you dream of a home for your family, but The Banks won’t even talk to you about a loan??  Consider one of our flexible Lease-Options that will allow you to build credit and equity without the obligation to buy until you are ready. We qualify our tenant-buyers based on a common-sense analysis of their references and total history, not just credit scores, and if your score has seen better days, just ask…. We offer free consultations on credit repair and personal budgeting to all of our clients!
Are you “pre-approved” and ready to buy, but not looking forward to all the headaches? We understand that!! We’ve noticed that the home-buying process has become more ridged and faceless over the years, where even well-qualified buyers feel chewed-up-and-spit-out after running the bank-qualification gauntlet.  We offer original buying programs that give you more control over your buying options.

At Tri-Town, as long as it benefits both the buyer and seller, anything can be on the table.

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