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PO Box 1458 Knightdale NC 27545-1458
PO Box 1458 Knightdale North Carolina US

Special Blessings is available to ALL families caring for children and adults with disabilities . . . REGARDLESS of faith or beliefs. Everyone is welcome!

We have different programs geared towards children and adults with disabilities, AND their families and siblings.

Our SUPPORT GROUP brings ”seasoned” parents alongside parents with newly diagnosed or younger children. We offer workshops that assist parents on their educational journey. Our support group is open to the entire family. Children enjoy ”social time” while engaging in free play with other siblings and special needs loved ones while parents and caregivers are meeting.

”Having a special-needs child not only requires expensive, life-long therapy for the child – but marital therapy as well.” Families are often taxed beyond the norm as they have the challenge of meeting the special need of their loved one (therapy is normally 24/7), advocating for and knowing where to find services and meeting the needs of their non disabled children. QUALITY FAMILY TIME is often placed on the ”back burner” as the family is normally ”tapped out” or just simply exhausted. It’s a very challenging world!

SIBLINGS NEED US TOO . . . ”The birth of a child with a disability or chronic illness, or the discovery that a child has a disability, has a profound effect on a family. Children suddenly must adjust to a brother or sister who, because of their condition, may require a large portion of family time, attention, money and psychological support.”

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