Sheyenne Kreamer, Speaker/Author

Building the New Underground Railroad v2.jpg
Building the New Underground Railroad v2.jpg
Raleigh, NC, United States
1-99 South Wilmington Street Raleigh North Carolina 27603 US

Sheyenne Kreamer is a speaker and author that focuses on the belief that everyone needs to “Live Your Song”.  Your Heart Song is simply something your heart wants to do that could bring value to the planet, while potentially creating sustainable income for you.  She operates from a belief that everyone has a Heart Song, and that we need more people to identify it and work with it in order to bring more peace and prosperity to the planet.

Her personal coaching niche is helping individuals and businesses identify their Heart Song niche that allows them to get “unstuck” and producing income again.

Her book, “Building the New Underground Railroad: The PLAY Book”, chronicles 20 years of experience that shows how many of today’s societal structures are stopping us from Living Our Song, and destroying our humanity in the process.  If freedom is a birthright, it may be time to reclaim it.

Building the New Underground Railroad v2.jpg 6 years ago
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