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232 Hanover Place Cary NC 27511
232 Hanover Place Cary North Carolina 27511 US

Leslie Flowers is a trailblazer for women (and smart men) in business who long to achieve success in business and in life. A master of age old business success principles, Leslie has created a proven system inside long lasting high performance business masterminds, for goal achievement and success.

A performance catalyst, Leslie specializes in guiding women to succeed spectacularly in a man’s world and collapse the wage gap earlier than expected. Her mastermind clients have learned how to stop to the roller coaster of financial insecurity by building confidence, harnessing positive beliefs, and taking inspired action to get what they want and deserve.

Her Amazon best-seller in Women & Business in December 2014, CHAMPION, translates her 45 years of experience in the corporate world and 20 years as an entrepreneur, into 21st century language, offered in bite sized nuggets that are quickly absorbed and put into action.

Active in community service, Leslie is a founding member of Growandshare.org, advisory council member of Veterans Entering Transition, and culture director for foosye.com, a start-up platform bringing together the nation’s food truck industry.

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