In2It Health

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Kenly, NC, United States
152-198 North Church Street Kenly North Carolina 27542 US

In2It  Health is an up and coming virtual Wellness Studio.  All classes and session are on line, live and interactive. Of course up close and personal appointment and classes are made per request. All classes at In2It Health are designed to help you detangle your physical and emotional stress, learn how to release it and then secure the tools that are already inside of you to maintain your healthy state.   I am a Psychic, Medium, Nurse, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher. Yes, I talk to dead people and yes I can help you talk to them too. I have worked hard for many years to hone my skills and now I will share them with you. I offer intuitive sessions to gather information that will help you feel clear about your journey in life. Live streaming online classes offered. You can also find me on Blab for many shows a week… short yoga classes, interesting interviews and just plain blabbing. See you there.

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