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As your essential oils health mentor, I show you how to be prepared for those inevitable “little health emergencies” that could otherwise take the wind right out of your sale. (Pun intended:-).

Why is it that you awake with a very irritated throat on the very day you need to speak to an audience of three hundred souls, all quite eager to hear your heart and tap your brain? Or, How can it be that on the the evening before you will be giving that all-important tour you twist your ankle while going up the steps to your home? The bigger question is, are you prepared get over each issue much more quickly so that you can carry on with your very important life?

The even bigger question is, will you simply mask the symptoms and push on through or will you handle each situation properly? By choosing the latter approach you will not only make your tomorrow better than today because you are building your immune system, but you will be gaining versatility-increasing self-reliance as your very own health-care provider. You have the first say in your own health care. I am here to help you be prepared to handle the little things….the things you yourself can do something about-in the moment, if you just knew how. When you want to know how to be healthy now…right now-essential oils can help you get there. That is for sure.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds derived from the roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, and/or seeds of many plants, which are then extracted and distilled in order to capture their many health benefits.

You may have noticed essential oils gaining notoriety of late. This is for very good reason. Just as it seems life’s pace keeps on picking up speed, so does the need for us to feel great, and quickly! Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG essential oils can be a favored part of everyday personal health. There are so many ways to use them, they don’t need to be assigned to a particular person. This makes them great to share. That is for sure!

In addition, for the most part are expiration date free-so not worries about how fast an oil needs to be used! What I love about CPTG oils is that they are suitable for ingestion because they carry the FDA Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) standard labeling.

But what I really love about CPTG essential oils that they are such a fun and delightful way to support the health in all bodily systems of health whether its the digestive, skeletal, nervous system etc-CPTG essential oils offer powerful support. Funny thing is, so many times when we are using these oils to support a system of the body such as the respiratory system etc, we often notice that we feel more at ease, less stressed, and perhaps even happier! Now that’s a nice side-affect, isn’t it!

Three Ways to Use Essential Oils:

  •  Aromatically
  • Topically
  • Internally
The Slight Learning Curve
Great customer service is very important as we pick up the pace in learning how to use essential oils for support in everyday issues of health. So please, make sure you are connected to someone who can help you see great success as quickly as possible. You may enjoy my free teleconference and free live meetings. Most folks find these very enjoyable-that is, once they get used to my sense of humor. 🙂 The info you need to take advantage of these free learning scenarios is below.
  • Free Teleconference –  How to choose an essential oils company/Essential oils use 101
  • Live Local Meeting – Experience bliss as we chat and pass the oils around the room
  • Which Oils are Best for Beginners? – I am glad you asked!
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