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Cramer Gallimore Photography – dynamically capturing the stories of life through pictures, video and social media! ”If you need to capture the right image in the right light with the right medium, Cramer is the person to call!”


– Commercial Photography

– Commercial Videography – Events, Real Estate, Realtor videography

– Google Business Photographer – The same imagery used for Google Maps Street View is available for use INSIDE your business! (360 degree capability, high quality imagery, interactive, zoom-in, zoom-out, turn up, turn right, turn down, turn left experience – for your business)

– Corporate Photography

– Industrial Photography

– Architectural Photography

– Advertising

– Golf Course Photography

– Black & White Photography

– Digital Photography

– 360 Degree Immersive Virtual Tours

– Annual Report

– Digital Video

– Panoramic Photography

– Executive Portrait Photography

– Aerial Photography

– Aviation Photography

– Corporate Event Photography

– People

– Government Agency

Cramer Gallimore Logo (2).png 6 years ago
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